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[ Fashion: @matteoscouture     /  Photography: @soettam   ]

Contact: josematteos@josematteos.es

With a strong academic background Jose Matteos has collaborated with some of the most important fashion companies
in the country like Miriam Ocáriz, Zara, Stradivarius, Alba Conde, Carmen Melero, Marga Novas, Caramelo ..
which has provided him a great experience when presenting their own brand. He has also been creative director of the
new prêt-à-porter section of the multinational New Rock.
With a great sense of fashion and trends Matteos has achieved in a very short time a solid brand and present his collections
at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Madrid. Matteos is recognized for its unique fashion shows that have been held in spaces
such as the Madrid Metro, Botanical Gardens, Museums or Theaters. Fashion shows that prominently
represent the individuality of JoseMatteos, wich are more personalized shows where space becomes part of the collection.


Jose Matteos is passionate about the fine arts, has been a finalist in 2006 at the prestigious prizes of Creators of Galicia, Spain,
in the categories of Fashion, Sculpture, Art installation and Photography.
He is a multidisciplinar creator, his creative and constructive capacity tends to combine the aesthetic,
studying multiple perspectives of wide vision. Where the philosophy of work is a commitment to innovation,
reinterpretation of fashion and good craftsmanship of the garments. Inspired by art, architecture and nature,
he links a new concept of artistic evolution within fashion as a form of expression and communication within the
society that interprets his work. Playing with the combination of colors, abstraction, retention of shapes and figures in the
interpretation of the design, seeking to create shapes and harmonize volumes of different textures in space.
Jose Matteos performs a study of volume and rhythm, considering that the designs change,
they are architectural sculptures at the time of its creation and at the same time changing.