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Based in Spain, we are a fashion company committed to the "Slow Fashion", where quality is not only focused on durability, but like
the pioneer movement "Slow Food" includes respect and conservation ethical and organic raw materials, as well as an attempt to preserve
local traditions and materials.
For this reason all Matteos´s collection are entirely manufactured in Spain.

Our collections are aimed at a niche market of sophisticated and secure individuals, who bet like us on the defense of sustainable and
"Eco Fashion" through hand crafted materials and high quality textures. So we offer quality garments at affordable prices, targeting
a unique and dynamic woman who uses her wardrobe as a way ofexpression.

Creative philosophy

We focus on creating clothes with a conceptual approach, where each of our designs are born of desire, the desire to create an independent,
strong and unique woman. Designs that   occur after a thorough investigation of materials and selection of natural and organic
textures, creating themes, comfortable and versatile collections that become an art project.

In our collections merging together almost minimal silhouettes, moderately structured and in occasions convertible  with a hipster
fashion design  who challenges traditional perspectives and opinions of the reinterpretation of conventional cuts. Taking them to a
crossroads of authenticity and sophistication, mixing clean lines and
timeless vintage inspiration, to create an atmosphere without limits or restrictions.

Designs that focus on contemporary adaptation, with great attention to detail with emphasis on freedom of movement, in clothes that reflect
the energy, creativity and innovative spirit, adapting perfectly to individual body shape and ideal in urban and modern environments.